EUREA NMN Facial Mask

One’s apparent age depends on
the firmness, radiance, and moisture of skin
Facial mask is the most reliable approach to addressing these factors

Fascinated by the effects of NMN, EUREA has studied ways to apply NMN to anti-aging skincare and decided that the first product to deliver should be a facial mask.
NMN Facial Mask takes the most reliable approach to reversing aging skin and aiming to restore firm, radiant, and moist skin.

Advanced triple luxe

Advanced triple luxe

There’s a good reason why it costs 6,000 yen a sheet
Our passion for NMN, a rare ingredient

At a time when a mask can be bought for less than 500 yen, why did EUREA dare to launch a facial mask that costs 6,000 yen a sheet? That is because we are fully aware of the value of the rare NMN and hope to deliver its true power. We could never compromise our two ambitions: to develop a product containing abundant amounts of NMN, a substance difficult to stabilize; and to domestically manufacture yeast-derived NMN. EUREA aspires to deliver the world’s best NMN cosmetics and will always deliver on its promise.

Joint research with Bayou Analytica, K.K., an Osaka
University spinoff venture
Patent for cosmetic products containing NMN

  • The distinct difference between EUREA’s products and other NMN-containing cosmetic products available on the market is EUREA’s high quality and reliability. To ensure the delivery of safer and higher-quality products, we not only develop our products through joint NMN research with Bayou Analytica, K.K., an Osaka University spinoff venture with advanced science and technology capabilities, but also manufacture and sell our products in partnership with a company that has a “patent for cosmetic products containing nicotinamide mononucleotide”.

  • Joint research with Bayou Analytica, K.K., an Osaka

Aiming to deliver the finest cosmetic facial mask
Containing as much as 10 mg of NMN per sheet

NMN is known to be a very delicate and unstable substance and the development of a skincare product involved continuous challenges. We finally succeeded in including as much as 10 mg of intact NMN in EUREA Facial Mask. EUREA’s passion for NMN is simply unrivalled.

Use the night before or on the morning of a special day—
achieve radiant skin with a glowing aura

Use the product the night before or on the morning of a special day. We recommend storing the masks in the refrigerator; they will refresh your skin with a cool and soothing feeling after washing your face or bathing.


NMN contained in EUREA products is sourced and manufactured in Japan

NMN (Nicotinamide mononucleotide), a biological substance necessary for energy production, is now attracting attention among those who invest in beauty and youthfulness.
The NMN contained in EUREA Facial Mask is a safe ingredient, derived and manufactured from yeast produced in Japan.
*1 Nicotinamide mononucleotide (skin conditioning ingredient)


9 essences

Contains nine select ingredients
that function in synergy with NMN

Nine select ingredients that function in synergy with high-quality NMN have been combined in an exquisite balance. Together, they will help to achieve moist and firm skin with a more youthful appearance.

Contains nine select ingredients Contains nine select ingredients
  • Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Hydrolyzed collagen
  • Succinyl atelocollagen
  • Palmitoyl tripeptide-5
  • Acetyl tetrapeptide-9

What EUREA can do for your precious skin—
Free your skin of 7 additives to ensure safe, harmless skincare

  • ○Parabens
  • ○Ethanol
  • ○Silicon
  • ○Petroleum based surfactants
  • ○Mineral oil
  • ○Fragrance
  • ○Color

Our product has been evaluated safe in patch-test-based product safety evaluation* by Nikoderm Research Inc. (results obtained on January 22, 2021).
*Evaluation results do not ensure products to be 100 percent irritation-free.

Highly-fitting and high-quality non-woven fabric
Carefully selected texture for the skin

We also focused on selecting the finest material to develop a luxurious mask containing 18 ml of cosmetic essence, with NMN combined with nine other ingredients. The non-woven fabric snugly fits and gently embraces your precious skin with a satisfying texture, treating you to a moment of relaxation and bliss.

高密着、高品質の不織布を追及 肌あたりのやさしさまで考えて厳選
Advanced science and luxe Advanced science and luxe


EUREA Facial Mask (5 sheets)

EUREA Facial Mask (5 sheets)

30,800 yen(
EUREA Facial Mask (2 sheets)

EUREA Facial Mask (2 sheets)

12,540 yen(

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